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About Us

[Relic] is an elite progression guild first and foremost.  Our group encourages a cooperative environment where we give and receive constructive criticism and are willing to innovate and are open-minded to new strategies to achieve progression at the most efficient rate possible.  We expect our players to have an in-depth knowledge of their class in multiple roles, and strive to push the boundaries of their class and specializations.  We play to progress, but we also play to have fun.  Those with excessively negative attitudes, sensitive attitudes, or being blasé during raid will be asked to step out.  These are our standards, we are [Relic].

For Applicants

[Relic] raids once a week on Sundays from 8 pm to 12 am Eastern Standard Time, which is also Area 52's Server Time.  Although we focus on raiding, we do host other events during the week such as achievement runs, organized PvP, and dungeon runs so there is almost-always something going on.  If you feel like you'd be a great asset to our raid, please reference the "Currently Recruiting" section to the top right and fill out the application. Although we are looking for specific classes to round out our roster, all exceptional players are encouraged to apply to our guild.

For Guild Members

Review the forums to view requirements for raiding, and check back weekly for updates such as logs for current content, and strategies and videos for future content.  This is mandatory.  Anyone who does not know strategies going into Legion raiding content will be asked to sit out.  We may do a cursory overview, but we will not do an in-depth discussion on raid mechanics for each and every boss fight.  Leadership has chosen to raid once a week in order to be respectful of peoples' obligations to their real life responsibilities.  We expect our raiders to provide the same respect and courtesy to others by knowing the fights before raid time so we can have the most productive raiding session possible.

Thank you, and enjoy exploring our site!

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